The Crew

Group Jazz functions as a production company, assembling the best people for each project we take on. We bring together top companies and experts in the skills and tools needed to create a great group experience.

Our Producer

Lisa Kimball founded Group Jazz in August, 2000 to produce peerless experiences on and off the Web for purposeful groups -- teams, communities, task forces, organizations.

Her background includes many years of producing such experiences for global organizations, including IBM, Warner Lambert, Hewlett Packard and others. She combines her extensive knowledge of organization design, executive development, and learning with experience using the latest media and technology to leverage key processes and systems.

She was a founder and director of Caucus Systems, a company that produces virtual off-site meetings for major companies world-wide. As CEO with Metasystems Design Group, Lisa helped grow The Meta Network, which began in 1983 as an electronic community to support the thinking and work of a variety of individuals, teams, and organizations - it is the oldest online conferencing community still in operation today.

Lisa has always been a futurist. In 1984, she designed and moderated the first online symposium on strategies and techniques for facilitating electronic groups. She co-founded the Electronic Networking Association in 1985 and received the ENA Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Networking" in 1990. She was a member of the planning team of the first national conference on electronic networking in Japan in 1988, and later led the international delegation to Japan's first global conference on networking.

To read Lisa's complete biography, click here.

We're always looking for people, technology, media, and other companies we can work with to make our productions great. If you know about someone or something we need to know about - get in touch!

Some of our associates:

Rheingold Associates CaucusCare
The Meta Network Network Weaver
Jane Rainwater Design College of Exploration
ULiveandLearn Plexus Institute


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