Social Media Training Program for Entrepreneurs & Executives

Social media technologies such as blogs, micro-blogging, wikis, podcasts, video, RSS, forums, social networks (customer community, professional social networks, and internal community), and social bookmarking are increasingly being leveraged by companies and nonprofit organizations to:

  1. Build brand visibility and equity
  2. Manage customer relationships & stakeholder networks
  3. Promote products and services
  4. Influence communities
  5. Facilitate collaboration internally and with partners

However, to effectively harness the power of social media, companies need to have a clear strategy to select and utilize the technology and media components effectively that will help them to achieve their goals. Technology, competition, and user expectations are transforming the global telecommunications and media industries. New technologies are enabling novel means of delivering services, threatening traditional business models and shifting the balance of power in the industry. It is now easier and cheaper than ever for an entrepreneurial team (whether in a startup or an established company) to develop and mass distribute innovative new products and services. Yet it is also more difficult than ever to build a large scale sustainable business around these innovations. The strategic choices made regarding how an innovation is introduced into the market and the nature of the innovator's role in relation to the rest of the ecosystem matter.

The Kimball Design Social Media Training Program focuses on training executives and entrepreneurs to understand and use social media. We will delve into these issues and more to help the trainee learn how to help companies and organizations with their social media strategy and/or develop their own entrepreneurial ventures around social media applications. We will examine the different types of social media technologies, and how they can be leveraged to meet those objectives. The training program also includes hands on lab-based training on developing applications of many of the major social media software and web-based tools available. Graduates of the program are prepared to act as business consultants, take on key roles in emerging companies and/or start their own entrepreneurial ventures incorporating social media.


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