Recent Projects

Lisa Kimball has consulted with groups engaged in health care, communication, education, government, international business and non-profit efforts. Recent projects include:

Warner Lambert/Pfizer
Senior consultant on team to develop a new vision for the Consumer Health business, involving several hundred people from all levels of the company world wide in a six-week virtual offsite meeting.

Senior consultant on project to develop a prototype environment for communities of practice and virtual teams. Developing and delivering training for facilitators, managers and people taking other roles in animating virtual communities.

Senior consultant on multiple projects to produce virtual offsite meetings to support sales, knowledge management, and training.

Developed training program for leaders of distributed teams.

Industry Canada
Consultant in on-line applications design for national project to use computer conferencing and related internet tools for intra-industry cooperative ventures, research & development, and cooperative marketing. Conducted on-site and on-line training for conference facilitators and applications designers.

Senior consultant on virtual teams inquiry to explore strategies to design and facilitate environments to support teams distributed geographically and organizationally.

Public Broadcasting Service
Manager of project to select, train, and support more than 150 mentor/facilitators for online learning communities based at 70 PBS Licensee stations in 35 states. Program has involved more than 4,000 teachers to date in a year- long professional development program designed on a reflective practice model of transformative learning.

Reinventing Government
Design consultant for online network to continue the work of Vice President Gore's National Performance Review (NPR) Project. Currently working with Departments and agencies including Commerce, HUD, Energy, and USDA to create virtual working environments for teams implementing NPR recommendations. Projects include experiments aimed at the creation of "virtual" regions, one-stop-shopping service delivery, and regulatory review.

City University of New York
Senior consultant on project to bring the security function in-house for the more than 20 colleges in the CUNY system. Project involved creating system for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting security officers at all levels. Conducted 4-year study based on focus groups and individual interviews with people from all parts of the campus and surrounding community to look at critical factors associated with success of the community policing model.


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