Group Jazz producer, Lisa Kimball, pioneered the use of online technologies to create virtual off-site meetings, professional conferences, and virtual events of all kinds. "One of the critical breakthroughs we made in our thinking was understanding the importance of having a time-band around an online event. Even though it's possible for online communities to continue indefinitely, we found that we achieved higher degrees of focus and engagement when the event had a beginning, middle and end," Lisa explains. "We also wanted to model the important social as well as task-oriented interactions that are part of a great meeting. The best meetings and conferences are not just about broadcasting the PowerPoint slides. The conversations about the slides at the coffee break are a critical part of the whole and we make sure that the virtual event has a place for those important interactions."

As early as 1986, Lisa and other colleagues created a month-long virtual event linking families in the Silicon Valley in California with the Tama River Valley in Japan. The purpose of the event was to provide participants with a way to share common experience of what it was like to live and work in these technology-focused regions. The event combined facilitated online discussions and e-mail with a video teleconference. Even with the low bandwidth and limited technology available at the time, the event was a great success in creating an online community for people-to-people connections and learning.

Since then, we've worked with corporations, universities, associations, and community organizations to create virtual events and meetings for a wide variety of purposes including; strategy roll-outs, executive development, regional off-sites, topical knowledge exchanges, scenario building, and corporate visioning.

Group Jazz uses a production process that includes all the social, management, and technical aspects required to create events that are engaging and valuable for participants. We work with a network of partners and providers to combine the best technologies, media, and processes to create great events.


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