What can Group Jazz do for you and your group?

Group Jazz brings a unique combination of design and facilitation skills to our work. Our core competencies cover a lot of ground:
  • Designing and facilitating organizational processes and initiatives (such as change, planning, strategy roll outs)

  • Understanding the social and human dynamics of virtual environments (such as online facilitation, leading virtual teams)

  • Producing high quality, creative, group experiences (such as off-site meetings, professional conferences, learning events)
Group Jazz works in three essential modes:
  1. Consulting in the Basic Practice Areas, including Virtual Teams, Online Facilitation, Organization Development, Organization Change

  2. Consulting and Partnering with Technology, Media, Tool Makers, and Other Internet Consultants

  3. Producing Events, Experiences and Environments
If it's about people working together, and especially if it's virtual, we'd like to hear from you. Inventive solutions are our best productions. Contact Group Jazz today at info@groupjazz.com or 202-344-5930.


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