Sample Events

CivicNetCivicNet '02 was a two week world-wide, online event bringing together the global networks of people, resources, and practices that put information and communication technology (ICT) to work to sustain economic development, enhance quality of community life and engage stakeholders in decisions that matter. Group Jazz's Lisa Kimball co-chaired the event with Richard Civille, co-editor of the Community Technology Review.

CTP 02Collaborative Technologies and Processes 2002 was a weeklong online seminar that provided strategies, frameworks, and tools to identify, assess, and select the right collaboration technologies and approaches for your work group, business unit, or organization. CTP2002 was produced in partnership with Icohere using their unique collaboration software. The event featured live and recorded PlaceWare presentations as well as streaming audio and video presentations.

WITIWomen in Technology International (WITI) and Group Jazz hosted Virtual Pathways, the first professional women's virtual conference and exposition. The one-week event featured video and audio presentations in the areas of Technology Today, Professional Development, Leadership Excellence, Business Development, and Entrepeneurial Endeavors. Gloria Steinem, Sally Ride, Katherine Spencer Lee, Cynthia Spence Hyde, and Jessica Lipnack provided keynote sessions.


Mathweb 2000 and Mathweb 2001 were professional conferences with sponsors such as PBS and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. They were three week long virtual events for teachers, administrators, and parents. Each included keynotes, workshops, a café, a resource room, and more. Mathweb 2000 focused on Assessment and Mathweb 2001 featured Algebra.

Book Launch

Group Jazz produced a Virtual Book Launch for Mary Boone's new book, Managing Inter@ctively : Executing Business Strategy, Improving Communication, and Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture (McGraw-Hill, January, 2001) The event included a real-time press conference using WebEx technology as well as a week-long interactive discussion with readers, the author, and some of her expert sources.


OSN2001 was an online conference to help companies understand why and how to organize, lead, manage, value, and sustain internal online social networks for teams, communities of practice, learning cohorts, and other mission-oriented groups.


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