Group Jazz works with companies to help design, develop, and improve technology and media products to increase their value for group applications. We draw on our extensive experience with teams, organizations, and communities that have used (or tried to use) technology-supported environments for meeting, working, and learning. Our special expertise is in support for interaction and group processes and building in the product capabilities needed for key roles such as group facilitator, community organizer, and team leader. We identify opportunities and problems with product features and definitions and can work on all parts of the product design life cycle from specification to positioning to evaluation.

For example, one client that had been quite successful in the B2C space wanted to move into the B2B space. Group Jazz worked with the company to structure components of their products and services to better target business applications. We identified a promising applications suite for the knowledge management space and mapped out a strategy for building on the current product platform to make it more powerful and attractive to target customers.

Another company wanted to make sure that their product included the features and capabilities necessary to generate a high degree of participation and engagement. In addition to contributing to the technical specifications for early product versions, we developed materials for group organizers to help them be more effective facilitators for their groups.


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